Create a space with ENS

1. Get an ENS domain for your space

If you don't have an ENS domain yet for your space you can register one here:‚Äč

  • Go on this url: (change my-space.eth with your ENS domain).

  • Copy the IPNS link in the ENS field.

  • Click on the button "Set record on ENS", you will get redirected to ENS app.

  • On the ENS app click on "ADD/EDIT RECORD".

  • Paste the IPNS link in the "CONTENT" field.

  • Click confirm and submit the change.

3. Setup your space settings

  • Refresh the page

  • Now you can edit your space settings

  • Click "Save" and sign settings message on your wallet.

  • Now you are set! You can go on to see your space.

When you create or edit a space, it take about 2min to see the changes live.

4. Add your space logo and strategy image(s)

To get a logo for your space and images for the strategies you need to do a pull request on this repository You will need to create a folder with the id of your space (example: "my-space.eth"). In this folder you need a file "space.png" and "logo.png" (for the first strategy) and "logo1.png" if you have a second strategy. All the images must be squared and less than 50kb.